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kimberlyknits's Journal

Kimberly, Chief Knit Wit
5 October
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I'm KimberlyKnits, a.k.a. She Who Survives Stoopid Adulterous Spouses And Killer Diseases And Takes No Prisoners While Doing So. I lost 160 pounds of dead weight on December 27th, 2006 (a.k.a. the day my divorce was final) and 25+ pounds of real weight since January 2007. I'm a computer programmer by trade, spending my days perl'ing and my nights purling (a.k.a. knitting, which I do practically non-stop). I collect fashion dolls and have decorated my home in Modern Barbie. I hang out on Television Without Pity, Rotten Tomatoes, and other such dens of ill repute. I lurk a lot and don't normally rant much, but I can rant with the best of 'em. I'm Conservative with a capital "C" and Republican with a capital "R", raised by a Southern conservative mother and a State Republican Party Chairman stepfather. I write fanfiction (and love doing so). I can wax poetic for hours on the beauty of the Spider-Man and Shadow movies. I'm physically disabled, the result of a battle with hypercalcemia that has so far caused ten spinal tumors, two brain tumors, a lung tumor and two "suspicious" liver spots (all benign, but the liver condition is known as Non-Alcoholic Hepatic Steatosis, more commonly referred to as "Fatty Liver Syndrome", where liver tissue retains too many triglycerides, gradually clogging portions of the liver, and can progress to cirrhosis if enough tissue gets compromised); thanks to hard work, I have recovered about 90% of my physical mobility. I was recently (August 2007) diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which when added to my March 2007 diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome means that I have entirely too much personal knowledge of esoteric diseases. I think whoever invented Hot Fudge should get the Nobel Peace Prize. I believe that the maker of candy button on paper tape must be fronting for drug dealers, because, seriously, all they have to do is put a box of that stuff in my office and I can't say no. I voted for Taylor Hicks to win American Idol 5 and think Jordin Sparks is a Hannah Montana wannabe. I think NBC's Heroes is the greatest TV show in the last 10 years. I am a reality TV addict. I have a mind that retains useless trivia as if my life depended upon it. TiVo changed my life, and I almost never watch "live" TV any more. I love Mythbusters, and if I were, say, 20 years younger, I'd go apply for a job at M5. I think Sig Hansen of the Northwestern on Deadliest Catch is hot, but not as hot as Tobey Maguire, whose looks should be classified as a lethal weapon.

Oh, yeah, and I ramble a lot.