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Kimberly's Custom YouTube Player

This is my new YouTube Player. I'm doing some playing with online video to expand my mad skillz. ;)


O.K., I finally broke down and became the last person in the known universe to join MySpace.

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Now I Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief...

...I've just finished my first week at my new job. #whew#

I'm the new Production System Administrator at Fortius One, a Geographic Information Systems company that is looking to become the Google of GIS. We've just recently started work on the product-level release of GeoCommons, a geographic data mining tool, and GeoCommons Appliance, a standalone rackable computer system that companies needing GIS data in a closed system setting can install and use much like companies that use the Google appliance for their in-house search platforms.

Our company's founder often blogs about the latest developments in the GIS world. Check out Off The Map for more details.

I'm loving my job. Great place to work. :)

Wichita or Bust?

It was a bust.

Well, sort of.

My trip to Wichita on 2/14, for a job interview with Cargill Meat Services as their #2 IT person, was already off to an inauspicious start due to my car accident on 2/12, but I was trying to view the accident as a positive sign. After all, if I hadn't had the accident, I would have still needed to schedule a doctor's appointment w/ my GP because I was out of pain meds; the ER doc prescribed pain meds, so that was one positive outcome. If I hadn't had the accident, I'd have had to have paid for parking; now, with my car in the AA police impound lot, no BWI parking fees would be owed. See, a positive thing.

Always look on the bright side of life...Collapse )
Sometimes, after experimenting with new choices, it's best to go back to old standbys. Though I love trying out the new brands on the market--AWAKE, Napoleon Perdis, InsertHotMakeupBrandHere--I'm reminded every so often that the reason such brands as Estée Lauder are still around is that they make really quality products. I've almost never been disappointed by an Estée Lauder lipstick, and been very surprised by several as to their high quality and lasting nature. Here's a look at one of Estée's more recent line changes, the "Electric Intense" lipsticks, in color #726, "Fury".

The short version: The name's right on--this is a bright, furious red. It's electric, intense, long-lasting, and darned attractive to boot.

(Off to my beauty blog for more...)
When purchasing Christmas gifts, I usually tried to take advantage of sales going on to pick up brands of cosmetics I might not have tried previously. Such was the case in this purchase, a gift-boxed collection of AWAKE Cosmetics' Stardom Color series. The box, a fiberboard box with a slab of cedar in the base, covered with metallic red and silver cardstock covering and light padding, with a sheet of etched plexiglass (with the AWAKE logo, an unfurling fern leaf) in the lid. The box is gorgeous. The items in it are quite pretty, though rather small, even for samples. In the sample selection is a tube of AWAKE's Lip Gloss Brilliance in "Fairly Pink".

The short version: Don't bother. Pretty exterior, lacking product.

(Follow the (fake) jump cut to my beauty blog...)

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